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We're based in Vilnius, Lithuania and San Francisco, California and would be delighted to discuss your next project. 

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We are an international team of XR producers and software developers

XR Experiences

From the imagined heavenly realms of famous artists to the world's fastest racetrack high in the Bolivian Andes, we produce XR experiences that transport you to spectacular virtual worlds.  

What We Do


Mindbenders is a science education 360˚ video series hosted by former Mythbusters Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara.

OKTAStudio is currently producing a fully interactive version of Mindbenders. Students will be able to take part in spectacular science experiments using VR.


OKTAStudio helps enterprise customers utilize the power of XR. We are working across several industries, including aviation, where we've produced a VR training aid to allow aircraft engineers to learn maintenance procedures for aircraft virtually.   

CGI & Virtual Studios

OKTAStudio produces world-class CGI for games and advertising. 

We can also produce virtual studio sets using Unreal Engine.


We offer full-service XR production
XR post-production software engineering 

Our strength is the diversity of our experience and skills. World-class award-winning creatives backed up by over 200 software engineers capable of bringing any idea to life, on any platform.

Vitalijus Žukas
OKTA studio Founder
Award-winning Producer and Creative Director, living in between real and virtual realities. 

Meet the Team

Algirdas Stonys
10 years of software industry leadership. Start-up ecosystem building, software engineering for mobile, fin-tech and Telco industries.
Liudas Ubarevičius
10 years of game development industry leadership. VR and AR and mobile development, for museum, aviation, and medical industries.
Brian Leckey
Executive Producer
30 years of international media production experience. From BBC producer to Mythbusters director. VR/AR and mobile app creation.
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